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b 3/14/1885 (Leimnau) Wurttemberg, Germany
Cert. of U.S. Citizen 5/8/1924
d 4/12/1966

William Fran Senn

William Frank Senn (Franz Josef Willibald) Senn was born in Germany and at the young age of 6 lost his mother. He carried a photo of his family at the grave side and also one of his parents from the day he left Germany. His adventure started much younger. He was 11 years old when he arrived on Ellis Island and the documents are on Grandpa Senn immediately took a train to Lockport where he stayed with, it appears to be, a relative of his mother. The last name of the Ellis Island document appears to be the same as his mother's maiden name. It was hard to read though. The family rumor is that he stayed in the room in the back of the store and took care of the store.

William Frank met Emilie at Hari Gari Temple, a German club. We have many postcards from grandpa to grandma when she still had the name, Schöttle. They were married at the Hari Gari Temple. Marie, said at one time or another her father was a milk man. They remember parts of the milk cart in the basement. Grandpa Senn was an artist. He painted and did hand cravings. His profession was a carpenter. He built their house at 83 Haven Street. It was unforunate that when the depression hit, Grandpa lost his job and his house. They had to rent. Unfortunate again was that Grandpa began to loses his hearing. This made it very hard for him to find work. After Emilie his wife died, he took a trip to Germany to see his family and meet Emilie's family.

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